If you are using a Chromium-based internet browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and have noticed that your Ad blocker isn’t blocking ads as well as it used to, especially on YouTube. This article will show you how to fix the problem with Ad Blocker and how to circumvent YouTube’s new Ad Blocker crackdown. Don’t sign up for YouTube Premium, try this instead.

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Google is currently taking steps to counter the Adblocker movement and is introducing changes to Google Chrome which will make Adblockers less effective or completely ineffective. YouTube is also rolling out a new tool that will prevent the use of ad-blocking software and applications while watching videos. This move aims to ensure that ads, which are a crucial source of income for YouTube and content creators on the platform, can be displayed to users.

The ad blocker block was first discovered by a Reddit user who received a pop-up notification when trying to access YouTube with an ad blocker enabled. The message stated, "Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube" and explained that ads support the platform's free service for billions of users worldwide. The notification suggested signing up for a paid YouTube Premium subscription to enjoy an ad-free experience. Once the user disabled their ad blocker, they were able to proceed to YouTube as usual.

YouTube Premium, offered by YouTube, provides an ad-free viewing experience along with additional benefits. However, it is rather expensive in most countries, especially with the cost of living crisis we are currently going through. So what can you do about Ad blockers not working on YouTube? Well, there are a few different things you can do to continue to watch YouTube without ads once the change is rolled out fully.

Ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service - How to bypass Ad Blocker Blocking.

One would expect content creators to see a huge revenue increase once this feature rolls out so stay tuned to see if any of these changes are actually passed on to creators or if Google/YouTube will absorb the gains. At the moment there are a few different ways to keep blocking ads on YouTube even though Ad blockers are banned/blocked.

Switch to Firefox to keep blocking YouTube ads.

The first way to keep blocking ads on YouTube is to start using Firefox instead of a Chromium-based internet browser. Firefox is the only non-chromium browser on the market and the only one that isn’t fighting against ad blockers. You should also add the Ublock Origin extension to Firefox.

How to fix Ad blockers not working in Chrome

Start using Ublock Origin instead of your current Ad blocker.

If you’re using a different Ad blocker switch to Ublock Origin and you should still be able to keep blocking ads on YouTube.
Ublock Origin for Firefox
Ublock Origin for Chromium browsers

What about blocking ads on Mobile devices?

If you want to block YouTube ads on mobile devices the quickest and easiest way is to switch to Firefox and download the Ublock extension. Firefox is one of the only browsers that allows extensions on mobile devices.

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If you are also now getting the "Your watch history is off" message on YouTube and now can't watch anything without using search you're about to understand just how desperate YouTube has become. Sadly there is nothing you can do about this as it is forced measure to make sure that you are giving YouTube as much data as possible. Things are looking really totalitarian at the moment aren't they.

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