Virtual CloneDrive Download

Virtual CloneDrive is a kind of software that produces CD or DVD virtual drives. It enables users to copy CDs and DVDs to their hard drive as ISO disc images. It saves users time and effort spent on swapping disks in and out because mounting and unmounting disk images is a matter of few simple mouse clicks. Virtual CloneDrive handles with various kinds of optical disk file such as HD video formats like Blu-Ray, audio CDs, and data disks. In order to install and set up the software, users have to select which types of file to associate with it.

Compact settings dialog gives the opportunity to choose language. System tray icon gives access to settings, the Help manual, as well as, Mount/Unmount controls for each drive.

The process of setting up a drive is extremely easy. Users even do not have access the main interface in order to use it. They can mount a file clicking on it or they can use Explorer which gives you the option to mount it as well. Then, users are prompted if they prefer the software to execute the Autorun.exe file in their ISO or IMG.
All things considered, Virtual CloneDrive does not offer plethora of options, but still it is still beneficial tool in creating virtual drives.