Yahoo! Messenger Download

Choosing an instant messengers is getting to be quite a big problem these days. Even though, there are a few alternatives, possibilities are still limited, since it all comes down to just a few giants competing such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Skype and a few others. Yahoo! for instance, has so many functions that allow users to receive and send messages to their Yahoo! and Facebook friends , but in new version it adds even more features as well as some visual tweaks that make it even more user friendly. Some of these features include built-in photo sharing, file transfer capability, full-screen chat mode, integration with social games, skins and many others.

The setup process ought to get the program installed as quickly as possible when choosing the offline installer. When launching the file downloader provided by Yahoo, please double check its options, as it might offer some changes to the browser and the default search engines.

Once the installation is complete, one simply needs to create an e-mail account that is directly linked to the messenger and start chatting with friends.

Yahoo! Messenger’s interface is good-looking and intuitively configured with a layout resembling all the other instant messaging apps. You can find there a contact list for viewing which friends are online, along with a set of options for picking a status message or a user image. The tabbed interface lets you easily access your favorite stocks, news, and sport information.

When opening a chat window, one can easily type messages, send files, share photos, start a video call, play a game and many other activities just with a single click. Other features include Facebook integration that allows users to track their contacts’ activity on the popular social network platform. The 'Always On' feature means you are always connected whether on mobile or at home and you can even send messages to friends if they are not online. The latest version of Yahoo Messenger comes with several enhancements to contacts lists, along with support for newsfeeds. Yahoo Messenger also brings firewall support and a standby mode. There is also a possibility to save and print your conversations.

What hasn't changed from the previous version is the amount of stuff it offers. Those who appreciate all the bells and whistles such as social games, radio stations, emoticons, and so on Yahoo! will keep busy, but for some people it may appear too annoying and intrusive. All in all, Yahoo! Messenger remains a top dog in the instant messaging category for its great interface with tons of features, a huge user base and numerous personalization features. It’s definitely worth a download for those looking for a free way to talk and share files with friends.