AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Download

AVG is fully featured product available for free which delivers real - time protection against sophisticated online threats and the latest advancements by cyber criminals. AVG prevents from viruses that take control of computer, what results in sluggish computer activity, without lags and freezes interruption. AVG is a perfect security solution for those who are not  zealous computer users who downloaded tons of files from the net, but this does not indicate that the computer is less protected as AVG comes with an impressive list of free features and offers the some level of core protection as in paid for products.

The installation process is streamlined and simple as it guides users with briefly described dialogs about what to do in the following steps of the installation process and it does not require a reboot. AVG security toolbar with AVG DO NOT Track option and Safe Search is an additional download you can install for your browser, users decide whether the components should be installed. One of the biggest changes is DO NOT Track feature available in the AVG toolbar which provides control over websites that are collecting data about your online activity and presents itself as a good privacy - protecting tool giving you additional information about privacy policy of each respective service.  

 introduces new file reputation system which is an extension of “smart scanning".Basically, the scanning process switches to a low priority mode without interfering with the computers other tasks once it detects the computer is in use.

Within AVG there is an option of on-demand scanning, specifically engineered to perform scans of various parts of PC, when you suspect an infection penetrates your computer. When the computer is idle the Smart Scanning option allocates more power to the scan. Users can also use ‘scan specific files or folders’ option to scan only those areas of computer that have been specified to be scanned.

AVG along with new features AVG free antivirus incorporates anti- spyware and anti -malware protection as well as root kit detection and removal, LinkScanner, e-mail and identity protection.

AVG free antivirus brings the PC Analyzer including disk defragmenter and broken-shortcut cleaner that allows users scan their computers, detect but not repair registry errors, fragmentation errors or invalid shortcuts. Although the feature is available in full to users of AVG’s paid upgrades, the free version provides one time offer to clean all identified errors.

Considering ever-evolving threats of the web and the speed with which they spread it is essential to update AVG regularly to provide maximum computer protection.

All in all, AVG free antivirus packed with a set of freely available security features, which usually could be found in payable products, is an advisable security software at being your to go suite. Assuming the incorporated technologies work as advertised, your computer ought to be protected from newly -emerged online threats.

System requirements:   
• Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz processor or faster
• 550 MB free hard disk space
• 512 MB of RAM