Microsoft Security Essentials Download

Microsoft Security Essential is an antivirus solution designed to protect the computer against all malicious software, offering all the essential tools which can be found in other products of its kind. The latest version comes fully integrated with Windows Explorer and the Windows Firewall. But the interface has not evolved too much. Still an easy to use and well organized interface invites you to use the application. One visible change which users can notice is the adoption of grey color. From this point, it proves that the power of antivirus program lies in its efficiency, rather than on its design. As in the previous version, it is divided into four main areas where users can check the security status, update virus database, examine the history, as well as change the settings.

The Home tab shows  the current condition of your PC and scan options available in the app , namely a Quick Scan, Full Scan, or Custom Scan. Besides this, it will inform you whether the virus database is up to date. Some extra features ensure real time protection and automatic updates of virus definitions. Moreover, you can schedule scans letting them run a given time or select the location to be scanned.

As for the free product, the installation process is pretty fast and easy.  Nevertheless, the scanning processes is blazingly fast, not to mention amazingly quick updates. Don't be deceived by the simple and uncluttered interface, which packs extremely powerful options. Security Essentials informs users about the status of PC using green when it is good, yellow warns against possible danger, and red indicates your computer is at risk. The clean interface hides a few advanced features under the hood, such as antivirus and antispyware engines, rootkit protection, and real-time detection. Due to seamless integration with Internet Explorer, all downloads are precisely scanned.

Bear in mind, that once you install Security Essentials, you get linked to Microsoft Spynet. There are two modes to choose from:  basic or advanced. The former send information about the place the app came from, whereas the latter delivers more detailed info such as the location of the software, how it operates, how it affected your PC and file names.

All in all, quick installation, automatic updates and amazingly simple interface are the things you will appreciate most in Microsoft Security Essentials. The application runs unnoticeably in the background and it updates regularly to ensure stronger computer protection. It is a reliable solution for the home users, as it is free of charge and does its job great with detecting malware