Anvi Browser Repair Tool Download

Anvi Browser Repair Tool is a free, small application with which we can clean up Internet Explorer settings. The program allows you to restore the default settings and fix various types of errors caused by unwanted add-ons that change the start page, text on the browser window, etc. Anvi Browser Repair will reset all your Internet Explorer browser settings back to defaults.

Anvi Browser Repair is easy to use and lists a ton of options that can be performed. In the current version, Anvi Browser Repair only supports Internet Explorer, however, in newer versions (from version 2.0) there is to be support for Firefox and Chrome. To make changes, all you have to do is select the options you are interested in then press the Fix button and the changes will instantly take place.

Anvi Browser Repair Tool allows you to restore the default title bar name, original start page, default search engine or the appropriate path in the shortcut to the program. Here you will also find options related to bookmarks, the favourites tab and many other functions of Internet Explorer. The tool also allows you to reset DNS and set one of the selected presets in our connection, for example Google DNS or OpenDNS.