ScreenShot Download

Screen-capture tools are common, with an ever-evolving number of solutions to choose from. ScreenShot is yet another interesting alternative. It is a basic application which, as the name implies, aims to capture screen-shots.

It was written with simplicity in mind. The clean and unique interface can appease both beginners and intermediate users. The main window features seven buttons at the top. To take a screen shot, move and resize the desired area of your screen and press the Capture button. Additionally, you can safe, refresh, email, modify, print and copy the captured image. You can also view the shot in a default graphics application.
To conclude, ScreenShot is a worth checking tool; with some basic tools packed within a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. It is also very functional since it allows to refresh the capture and can run multiple instances of the program. ScreenShot installs a desktop icon without permission but uninstalls without any issues.