Paint.NET Download

Paint.NET can be described as something in between Microsoft Paint and Photoshop. It is easier than the latter and more effective than the former. Users must remember that Paint.NET is not an alternative to Photoshop.

Paint.NET is a feature-laden application. It allows users to work on a few images at the same time. Besides, it maintains an action history which is particularly useful when users want to undo any changes. Another helpful feature of Paint.NET is the full keyboard support, allowing users to perform all the actions by simply pressing dedicated hotkeys. It is both time-saving and convenient.

Moreover, users can polish up their projects applying some additional adjustments and effects including: layer editing, image sketching, inventing colors, blurring or sharpening, distorting, turning images into oil paintings and many more. But when it comes to removing red eyes, the tool doing this is weak and very often users need to do it manually.

The interface is simple and designed in a legible manner. However, it takes some time to familiarize with it, in order to work with it successfully.

Before installing the app users are advised to find out whether they own a recent version of NET Framework installed. If not, the installation process will also involve it. has two modes of installation. These are: quick which is recommended for novice users and custom for professional ones. Besides, users can make it the default app for opening graphic files on their PC.

It is necessary to mention that Paint.NET supports the following image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, but not RAW files.

To sum it up, having an image-editing program installed on  your PC is currently a must. Although Paint.NET software does not include a lot of bells and whistles it is optimal for beginner users, who start their adventure with retouching images.