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How to Fix HDR Stuck on in Windows 11.

Learn how to fix HDR not turning off when you flip the toggle inside of Windows settings. HDR getting stuck on in Windows 11.

How to use the Windows 11 HDR Calibration tool.

Learn how to use the Windows HDR Calibration tool. A new tool from Microsoft that finally allows you to manually adjust the HDR colours on your monito...

How to turn off Auto HDR Notification on Windows 11.

Learn how to turn off Auto HDR notifications on Windows 11. Auto HDR is a new feature coming to Game Bar that helps manage HDR settings but it has a r...

How to Get the Best Out of the New PlayStation 4 Pro Console. (PS4 Pro)

How to set up the new PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) console to maximize its potential when paired with an Ultra HD4k, HDR ready monitor or TV.