Immunet Protect Download

Immunet Protect Free Antivirus is a free companion antivirus solution that combines the speed of cloud computing with the benefits of Collective Immunity to protect entire online communities against real-time virus threats. Immunet Protect adds an extra layer of fast antivirus protection that is always up-to-date using real-time cloud-based detection, so it won't slow down your PC. Stay protected against over 13 million viruses and thousands of new threats daily without ever downloading another virus detection file again. The product is lightweight with a small footprint of less than 10mb, and is also low in disk and memory use to keep your PC running fast. Immunet is compatible with over 18 traditional security solutions to provide extra, fast protection for free.

Immunet Protect is a community-based antivirus security product designed to protect a user's online community for free, and can be easily shared with anyone's social network contacts with a private invite, even if the contact already has existing antivirus installed. User have peace of mind knowing their closest contacts are safe from viruses and are less likely to infect them. Each time a virus is blocked on any computer in the Immunet Network, ALL computers are protected instantly from the same virus--providing Collective Immunity to all users.