Win+X Menu Editor Download

Win+X Menu Editor is a free application that may certainly prove useful to Windows 8 users. Just like the name suggests, this program allows to quickly edit the quick access menu which can be brought to the desktop by either hitting the [Windows]+[X] combination or right-clicking with your mouse on a hidden Start Screen icon. Users can add new positions and shortcuts to useful features and applications, as well as editing the existing Menu content.

The program is extremely easy to use - in the application's window you can see the positions that have been added to the menu. To add you own you have to use the option in the upper part of the window. By choosing the "Add a program" tab users can choose any number of applications on the hard drive and add them to the list, as well as use pre-configured sets of shortcuts. For example by using the option "Add a preset > Shutdown options" you can make Win+X Menu Editor add shortcuts for shutting down, rebooting, relogging and hybernating the system to your quick access menu.

Additionally you can group the positions according to their topic. All you have to do is to add a new group by clicking on "Add a group" button and then putting the links in any order you may wish to have.