Bitlord Download

BitLord is a powerful P2P client, fully compatible with Bittorrent network. It allows you to download and share large files, including music, movies, software, or computer games.
The program is written in C + + and has a high speed of distribution and is lightweight on system resources. It offers great functions with which you can easily download files provided by other users at high speed, queue and retrieve a lot of data at the same time, stop and resume transfer and impose speed limits to downloading and uploading data. BitLord is equipped with torrent browser, which significantly improves the search of interesting files. Another great thing is that it comes bundled with a built-in web browser.

The application also features an automatic option for optimizing connections in order to achieve the highest possible transfer, bypass firewall and NAT, and block certain IP addresses. You can also set the app to automatically shutdown the computer after finished downloading. It supports simultaneous downloads, allows adding comments and reading reviews from other users as well as lets users share their own insights.