GoD Download

GoDClient is a client for new polish network for file sharing over the Internet. You download files from multiple sources simultaneously. Interesting feature is that you can share files between people that are in different inner networks. It also has its own system of links, to files and servers, that you can send to your buddies or add to your web site. Built-in multimedia player can playback finished as well as unfinished files, which really helps to choose the right movie or song. This software is completely free from spyware, viruses and trojans. It automatically updates to the latest version. GoDClient has its own web browser where you can visit your favourite sites. You can chat with other users on very advanced chat, when you share your files with other people. On this chat, you can set your personal color, send a pm, create your own chatroom or even have your own images and sounds. Network is based on many server junctions that create one, global server. It does not matter which we connect to because are servers are connected with each other. GoDClient is an application created mainly for people seeking songs, movies, games, programs and for people who want to meet new people, over the internet ofcourse.