Decor8 Download

Decor8 is a tiny and simple desktop customization tool for Windows 8. It allows users to personalize the look of the Windows tiled interface by rotating custom background images.

Although, Windows 8 provides numerous customization options, users cannot customize the background of the interface to anything other than included in the package. With Decor8 you can easily choose Microsoft's pictures, browse for a new ones on the Internet or add your own photos.
Decor8 does its job great and features amazingly simple interface. If you've ever worked with Windows 8's settings applications, Decor8 is no difference. All the options are nicely organized and appropriately labeled, what makes it easy to understand. You can find there plenty of customizations. Some of these include blur, fade, color, and contrast. In addition, Decor8 change your desktop background by setting the color scheme to the background of the tile interface, so that it matches the theme installed on the PC. You can also rotate the background images at specified timed intervals. Another great feature comes in handy if you want to modify the number of rows of tiles from the start screen. So if you feel too limited with Windows 8, try this simple tool and play around with its nifty features.