Multi Skype Launcher Download

Simplicity is the utmost factor that we all consider when looking for an app that we will be using on daily basis. When it comes to Skype, is one of the easiest instant messengers, that’s why we love it so much. But for those who wish to deploy even more powerful features to this popular voice-over-IP software, Multi Skype Launcher is the only choice.

Multi Skype Launcher lets you to connect with several Skype accounts simultaneously. Which means you can run several accounts on the same computer, for instance your personal account and your business account at once.
Before start working with Skype Multi Launcher, you have to many of the program options. First of all, add several accounts using the Add button. In order to run to one of them, select it and press Launch. Then, Multi Skype Skype Launcher will automatically run as many accounts as you've selected at the same time. Of course, apart from this great feature, it can also add some other customization features. Multi Skype Launcher is a perfect solution for those who want to connect several Skype accounts at once.