1. United Kingdom: FIFA 12 Scores for the Second Week


    FIFA 12, the EA Sports made football simulation, has managed to stay at the top of the United Kingdom video game chart for the second week in a row and seems destined to hold on to the position until the launch of Battlefield 3 or maybe even Call of ...

  2. FIFA 12 Official Launch Date Set for September 27 in North America


    The EA Sports division of publisher Electronic Arts has announced that the official launch date for FIFA 12, the football simulation that it creates, is set for September 27 in North America and for the last day of the month for the rest of the ...

  3. Console Battlefield 3 Is Better than PC Modern Warfare 3, Says EA CEO


    One of the biggest battles of the year in terms of video game launches is set to be the one between Battlefield 3, from developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, from Infinity Ward and Activision ...

  4. First FIFA 12 Details Revealed


    After seeing the first screenshot of FIFA 12 a few weeks ago, the first actual details about the upcoming soccer (football) simulator have just been revealed, courtesy of a translated French magazine. FIFA 12 is definitely on top of this year's ...

  5. Need for Speed: The Run Leaked, EA Releases Teaser Video


    Barely has Electronic Arts released its new Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed racing game and already the next iteration in the series, Need for Speed: The Run, has been leaked by a retailer, alongside a teaser trailer. EA is serious about ...

  6. Biggest Disappointment – Medal of Honor


    Medal of Honor was a great occasion for Electronic Arts, as a publisher, and developers at Danger Close and DICE that they could deliver a first person shooter that is close to the blockbuster level of Call of Duty but offers a twist on the ...

  7. Red Alert 3 not coming to PS3


    EA announced they've currently got no plans to release a PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Apparently, the console is "very exotic and tough to develop for," and their game engine is simply not suited for PS3. The game was ...

  8. id deal with EA only for Rage


    More details have come to light regarding the deal that id Software made with EA Partners for the release of Rage. The deal with EA Partners is only for the Rage title at the moment, and it is a distribution-oriented deal only, not a publishing ...

  9. EA, Sega and Blizzard to come with DX10.1 games


    We have learned that some major publishers including Electronic Arts, Sega and Vivendi (Blizzard) plan to release DirectX 10.1 games. We don’t know which titles will exactly show their face as DirectX 10.1, but we have already reported ...