1. How to Block Ads in the Spotify App. (Adblock Spotify App)


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily block all ads playing in the Spotify app. Two different and easy options to block all advertising played before, after, and during song playlists and playback on Spotify.

  2. How to Remove the ‘Top Promotion’ From Netflix. (Auto-Play Video)


    A short tutorial showing you how to remove the big promotional video banner that starts auto-playing on the Netflix website homepage, replacing it with a neat straight to the point library.  

  3. How to Stop Ads From Amazon Following You Around the Web.


    Amazon is an online behemoth that doesn’t shy away from throwing their full advertising might at anyone who has browsed their websites. Even if you have some adblock protection enabled on your computer or phone, you may still occasionally see Amazon ads stalking you. The good news is that you can stop these ads following you.

  4. How to Remove Ads From the Facebook Messenger App.


    If Facebook Messenger is your go to messaging app, you will have recently noticed Facebook’s huge new ad smack bang in the middle of your messages. If this has annoyed you as much as it has me, you’ll be happy to know there is a way to remove it.

  5. How to Disable Ads in Windows 10.


    If the ads in Windows 10 are starting to bother you or are becoming a little too forceful, you can disable most of them using a few different techniques, from different locations. The specific ads we will be removing include Start menu, Action Center, Cortana and the Lock Screen ads.