1. How to Create Your Own Custom Desktop Computer Stat Screen.


    If you are someone who likes to monitor the statistical information of your computer, in real time, using programs like MSI Afterburner, NZXT CAM, Rainmeter etc. information such as temps, resource consumption, fan speed and so on. This guide will show you how to easily create your own separate screen for constant live stat monitoring, even when you are in game or hard at work.

  2. How to Get More Options For Multiple Monitor Setups in Windows 10.


    With the price of computer monitors coming down in recent years, it’s becoming more and more common for users to adopt an extra screen or two. The practicality of extra screens is unmatched, whether your gaming, programming or doing multimedia work, your productivity will increase. That being said, Windows doesn’t really include many options for multiscreen setups, so this guide will show you how you can really make the most out of your system.