1. How to Enable Dark Mode For Outlook On Android Devices.


    A short tutorial showing you how to enable Outlook’s brand new dark mode (night theme) on Android devices. A great new addition to Microsoft’s flagship email app for mobile devices, that now allows you to browser email content without the glare of a bright white screen.  

  2. Microsoft Store Apps Opening the Microsoft Store to Launch Instead of Launching.


    A short tutorial showing you how to get around the issue causing apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store on Windows to launch the Store instead of the app. A strange issue on Windows 10 that doesn’t currently have a proper solution, only a workaround.   

  3. How to Activate the Steam Library Beta Update. (New Steam Library UI Beta)


    Learn how to get into the new Steam interface beta. A quick and easy way to trial the new and experimental Steam Beta interface which changes Steams entire library layout.

  4. How & Where to Learn More About Blockchain & the Internet of Things (IoT).


    If you are interested in learning more about blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This article has a ton of information regarding the IOTS World Congress on blockchain and IoT tech coming to Barcelona between 29-31 October 2019. It will also cover some of the current real-world use cases of this exciting new technology.

  5. How to Uninstall WordPad on Windows 10. (Remove WordPad on Windows 10)


    A short tutorial for Windows 10 showing you how to uninstall/remove WordPad. The preinstalled word processing program/app on Windows 10 that rarely gets used once another/better alternative like Word has been installed. 

  6. How to Fix Windows Backup Error 0x81000019, A Shadow Copy Could Not Be Created.


    A short tutorial showing you several different ways you can fix the issue causing  Backup Error 0x81000019, A shadow copy could not be created  on Windows 10. An annoying backup error that prevents your system from creating backups of all kinds. 

  7. How to Force Google Chrome to Only Open in Guest Mode.


    A short tutorial showing you how to make Google Chrome only open in Guest mode whenever you open the browser. A handy change to make if you only ever wish to use Google Chrome in Guest mode and no other.  Alternatively, you can also find information on how to Force Google Chrome to open in Incognito by default in this guide.

  8. How to Add Rotten Tomatoes Ratings to Amazon Prime.


    A short tutorial showing you how to add Rotten Tomatoes ratings to Amazon Prime videos. If you’ve done the same with Netflix but can’t figure out how for Amazon Prime, this guide has all the information you need. 

  9. How to Get Dark Mode For WhatsApp on Windows 10. (WhatsApp Dark Mode Windows Client)


    A short tutorial showing you how to enable dark mode ‘aka’ night mode on WhatsApp for Windows 10. A really easy way to get a dark theme for the Windows 10 WhatsApp client. If you have gradually been converting your operating system and other programs and apps, this is another great addition. 

  10. How to Fix Calculator Not Working On Windows 10. (Windows 10 Calculator Broken)


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix the calculator on Windows 10 not working or working incorrectly. A strange Windows 10 calculator problem that can thankfully be fixed using a range of different troubleshooting steps. 

  11. How to Turn Off or Change Content Blocking For Specific Websites on Firefox Version 69 and Newer.


    A short tutorial showing you how to customise Firefox 69’s new content blocking settings. By default Firefox now has Content Blocking enabled by default which may prevent some websites from working correctly. As a result, you may wish to white list websites you visit frequently. 

  12. How to Fix Corsair VOID PRO WIRELESS Not Working After Updating ICUE to 3.19.120. (Corsair Wireless Headset Not Working After Update)


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix the issue causing Corsair Void Pro Wireless headsets to stop working on Windows 10. An issue that has recently occurred within Corsair ICUE version 3.19.120. You may also find that your device is connected properly but simply won't play sound.

  13. How to Fix Windows 10 Using Too Much CPU After Update KB4512941. (Windows 10 High CPU Usage Fix KB4512941)


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix the issue causing Windows 10 to overuse CPU resources when idle and for simple tasks. A new bug that has recently been discovered in Windows 10 update KB4512941 Build 18362.329. If you haven’t yet updated don’t…

  14. How to Play Free Soccer Games Online. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, GBA, N64, NDS, Etc.


    A short tutorial showing you how to get your hands on some of the greatest soccer (football) games of all time. Classics from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, and even the Nintendo DS. Classics such as Megaman Soccer, Soccer Kid, Head on Soccer, Super Soccer, even FIFA 96 if you want to head back to Fifa’s roots.

  15. How to Prevent Crash Reports in Chrome Sending Personal Information.


    A short tutorial showing you how to remove personal data from Google Chrome crash reports. A quick and easy to follow guide that will show you how to improve your privacy when using Google Chrome. 

  16. How to Get Dirt Rally For Free. (Limited Time)


    A short tutorial showing you how to grab your own (forever copy) of Dirt Rally on PC (Steam Code). One of the best racing simulator games on the market. If you love a good challenge, then this is the racing game you have been waiting for. The best part is that it’s completely free. 

  17. How to Stop the Netflix App Freezing on Windows 10.


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix the potential problems causing the Windows 10 Netflix app to freeze or freezing playback from within the app. An unusually common error that has been occurring a lot recently. 

  18. How to Mute Audio From a Tab When Switching to a New Tab on Google Chrome. (Automatically Mute Background Tabs When Changing Tabs in Chrome)


    A short tutorial showing you how to stop tabs playing sound when they are placed into the background in Google Chrome. A quick and easy way to make sure the tab you have in the foreground is the tab that is playing sound. 

  19. How to Force Update Google Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Mozilla Firefox.


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily force your Internet browser: Chrome, Firefox or Edge Chromium to update when requested. A really easy way to force your browser into updating to the latest version available. 

  20. How to Check Graphics Card (GPU) Temps On Windows 10. (No Third-Party Software)


    A short tutorial showing you how to find out the temperature of your graphics card using built-in tools on Windows 10. Check the temp of your GPU without having to download or use third-party utilities and/or programs. 

  21. How to Stop Sharing Game Activity On Steam. (Hide Gaming Activity On Steam)


    A short tutorial showing you how to change the way your gaming activity is displayed on Steam. Learn how to hide your activity so that no one else can see what games you have been playing and how long you have been playing them for. 

  22. How to Stop Users Using the Same Pin on Windows 10. (Enable PIN History on Windows 10)


    A short tutorial for Windows 10 that shows you how to enable Pin History. A feature of Windows 10 that allows you to better manage user security by preventing users from using the same pin repeatedly. 

  23. How to Check the Last Time a Website Was Updated.


    A short tutorial showing you how to check the date a website was last updated or edited. A handy tool to make sure the content you are browsing is coming from websites that are still being actively looked after. 

  24. How to Fix Kingdom Come: Deliverance Screen Freezing or Image Stuck.


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix screen freezing and stuck images on Kingdom Come: Deliverance. An unusual game bug that causes images to freeze on-screen whilst gameplay continues in the background. 

  25. How to Enable Auto BCC in Emails On Android Devices.


    A short tutorial showing you how to set automatic BCC for email sending on Android devices. A really handy way to send a copy of emails to yourself or other users without any other contact in the email knowing. 

  26. How to Fix Firefox No Bookmark or Wrong Bookmark Icon (Firefox Bookmark Favicon Missing).


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix a missing bookmark icon or wrong bookmark icon on Firefox. An unusual error in the latest version of Firefox that removes the Bookmark Favicon or makes it show an incorrect icon.

  27. How to Recover Passwords Saved in Google Chrome. (Retrieve Passwords From Chrome)


    A short tutorial showing you how to recover passwords saved in Google Chrome. A really easy way to find any and all passwords saved to Google Chrome from all synced devices. If you have forgotten login details for one of your online accounts, this is one of the best ways to check. 

  28. How to Compress WebM Format Files. (Online WebM Compression Tools)


    A short tutorial showing you how to compress WebM format files into smaller files that can be sent, shared, and uploaded with a much smaller footprint. Don’t waste data uploading and sharing massive WebM format files when you can compress them using free online tools. 

  29. How to Change Your TikTok Username.


    A short tutorial showing you how to change your TikTok username from the official Android or iPhone app. Don’t get stuck with a username on TikTok that you don’t like. Get something that you like and enjoy using. 

  30. How to Fix a Mobile Hotspot Not Appearing on Other Devices.


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix wireless/mobile hotspots not appearing or working correctly on Windows 10 mobile devices. A common mobile device error that prevents hotspots from becoming visible when they are enabled.