1. How to save a laptop if you spilled liquid on it?


    They say that nothing wakes you quicker than a morning coffee... spilled onto the keyboard of your computer. Accidents like this happen all the time. If some liquid finds its way onto the keyboard of a desktop station it is not that troublesome; but what if you pour some water onto a laptop?

  2. What's missing in Windows 8.1?


    Microsoft's users were hoping that Windows 8.1 would bring a couple of features that No. 8 lacked. And yes, a bunch of Windows 7-originating options have been restored. However, the company from Redmond has removed from its operating system numerous useful features that computer users were quite fond of.

  3. How to deal with the BSoD


    Not all the errors you get with the infamous blue screen of death are short and easily comprehensible. If you get a "Driver unloaded without cancelling pending operations" you may not know what to do. Fortunately, we do and in a few moments will show you how to deal with it.

  4. Chrome 28 has arrived with new engine and improved notifications system


    The first version of Chrome that uses Blink engine has been finally released! Let's take a look how surfing in the Internet has changed due to changes introduced by Google's engineurs. There is also a couple of other modifications to Chrome 28.

  5. How to get Windows XP legally and for free?


    Windows 7 and 8 can deal pretty well with old programs and games, all thanks to the compatibility mode available in these operating systems. However, sometimes this method doesn't work and then the ultimate solution is to download the virtual Windows XP from Microsoft's website.

  6. Skype 6.6 released: What's new?


    Microsoft has released the newest version of the immensely popular instant messenger, Skype. In the 6.6 version a couple of important bugs have been fixed, along with improvements in the mechanism of sending video messages.

  7. Sync files without storing them in the Cloud


    If you have multiple computers at home or in a small office, you probably want to keep your data up to date and in sync. Connecting them using cable is not very inconvenient, while storing data on the virtual disk takes a lot of time, especially when we have slow Internet connection. Not to mention security risks and costs when you've got a huge amount of data to sync up. Is there a way to keep files in sync—without having to store them on someone else's servers?

  8. How can you download Windows 8 ISO from Microsoft?


    Some time ago Microsoft offered a deal to Windows 7 users: they could purchase Windows 8 for a really low price. There was only one problem: no CD, DVD or ISO format file. Though the offer proved immensely popular, many users started to wonder what should they do once they wanted to have a fresh installation of the system. Luckily, there is a way of this jungle.

  9. Save your time with Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts


    Whenever we switch to a new service, things can seem a little daunting at first. The latest Microsoft release isn’t staggeringly intuitive. Fortunately, they have created a list of useful shortcuts that are both quick and incredibly convenient. Fortunately, they have created a list of useful shortcuts that are both quick and incredibly convenient. Why not make the job easier?

  10. How to completely disable running apps in Windows 8.1?


    If you upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1, you might have noticed that the behavior of closed Windows 8 apps have changed significantly. Microsoft has incorporated a new yet still similar way to close the app completely, but unfortunately there's not an obvious way to completely close them out.

  11. How to recover forgotten or lost software passwords?


    So you forgot your software password? Don't worry - it happens to all of us. We have passwords for bank accounts, card PIN, e-mail passwords, instant messaging, a server, a virtual disk, system, and so on. It's hard to remember all of them and sometimes we make them so complicated that we forget them ourselves! Saving them on paper is not always a reasonable solution. Let's take a look at a new remedy for lost password panic.

  12. SkyDrive offline access in Windows 8.1 (preview)


    Windows 8.1 (preview) may not be the best if one considers all the bugs in this release, but it comes with a better integration of SkyDrive services. With this update you can not only view and browse your data via built-in SkyDrive application, but also make these cloud files accessible offline.

  13. Set your Desktop Wallpaper as Start Screen in Windows 8.1.


    With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has added a new useful feature giving users the option to use their current desktop wallpaper as their Start screen background. Once applied, it eases the transition between the two environments, thus making it more user friendly. Here you can find out how to enable this useful feature.

  14. How to boot directly to desktop in Windows 8.1?


    Windows 8.1 is now available for all Windows 8 users, and brings some new features. Microsoft has apparently listened to customer prayers and offers the ability to boot directly to the Desktop, so you can skip the “Start Screen”. We will show you how to do it.

  15. Guidelines for choosing the right CPU


    Various factors influence your decision when you consider buying a laptop or a PC. The greatest attention is paid to CPU parameters. Among them the most important ones are frequency, the number of cores and the brand. This article will provide you with a simple approach on how to choose the right processor, on the basis of your computing requirements.

  16. Free VPN service providers - are they worth the time?


    We can find many companies and websites offering access to VPN - private networks on the web. They all give you access to your computer from anywhere on the internet as if you were home on your local network, increase our security and change IP address and location so that we can gain access to inaccessible sites. We will present five VPN servers that provide remote access to home networks for free.

  17. How to locate lost or stolen Android phone?


    Android operating system doesn’t come with built-in tools with locate or lock features in case of losing your phone. Of course, we can manually install and configure the application, but what if we lost our phone without any protection installed?

  18. Backup your entire drive. Disk cloning or disk imaging? That is the question.


    There are only two ways to backup you entire hard drive. You can either image your disk or clone it. What factors should we consider before choosing one of them?

  19. How to create a system repair disc in Windows 7 or 8?


    Windows 7 provides a useful tool for creating a system repair disc that you can use to recover your computer from a major operating system crash. How to do it?

  20. Firefox 22 released - what's new?


    A new stable release of Firefox has just appeared. This fresh update, bearing number 22, has introduces a couple of interesting features, such as full WebRTC support and better control over HTML5 audio and video playback.

  21. How to install Opera extensions in Chrome?


    Since the popular Norwegian web-browser Opera switched to the same web rendering engine as Google Chrome, which is Blink, Opera extensions can be installed on Chrome, and Chrome add-ons can work in Opera.

  22. Set up a picture password in Windows 8


    While we normally use a numeric combination as our password, many companies are struggling to implement new ways of protection.  Windows 8 provides a new feature on security by letting you log in with a picture password and experience the new way of logging into your device. 

  23. 5 free video chat services for gamers


    We usually need to communicate with our teammates when playing multiplayer games . Although, most games provide a chat tool that allows you to talk with other players but typing a sentence while trying to kill enemies in the game can be really annoying. The only reasonable solution then is using voice communication service. They offer easier, faster and a convenient way to communicate with other game players. We will present five best options for voice communication in multiplayer online games.

  24. Prevent any process from running on your Windows


    More and more applications and services use persistent, background processes, what results in sluggish computer performance. These processes cannot be shut down at all, or when you kill them when they are running, but spawn again. Therefore, Task Blocker comes in handy by stopping processes before they can be executed.

  25. How to remove data from your hard drive without touching your OS?


    Whether you are in need for quick money and want to sell your computer or simply feeling generous and giving your old PC to your younger brother, you would certainly like the future owner not to access your sensitive data. The problem is that even if you deleted all your personal files from the HDD, the stakes are high that data can still be recovered. How to solve this problem? 

  26. Why you should use 64-bit with Windows?


    These days, most new computers come equipped with 64-bit version of Windows operating system. This combination is far more safer, stable and even more efficient. But many people still don't know what the difference really is. Below, we're going to discuss the most important aspects so you can better understand what you gain if you upgrade to the 64-bit version.

  27. Reduce Chrome memory usage


    One Common complaint about Google Chrome is that it eats a lot of memory (RAM) while viewing web pages. Sometimes, it consumes so much high memory that you PC may hang or shut down unexpectedly. If you are using a computer with a lot of RAM, it is ok. Conditions are worse if you have an old pc with less memory resources. In this article, we are going to present a few tips to reduce memory usage of Google Chrome.

  28. 6 free great FPS Browser Games


    In our new series we are going to present games that you can play directly from your web browser, instead downloading and installing tons of gigabytes on your disk space. Most FPS games are paid, but there are many you can play for free. We tried to gather links and information about some of the more popular free FPS games available.

  29. Control your Internet usage


    Nowadays home internet comes with a question of how much Internet can you use monthly .It’s unavoidable and if you happen to wonder how much transfer you have used today, how much is left, or whether you are getting the internet connection you are paying for, then you should monitor your internet usage.

  30. A quick way to replace any Windows system files


    Replacing or modifying system files in Windows without taking their ownership first can be a daunting task. Due to the built-in Windows File Protection (WFP) security feature, it is difficult to replace them, even if you managed to take ownership of those system files. However, we can make the process easier with a specialized software.