1. How to Make a PDF File Open at the Same Position You Closed it at.


    Learn how to make any PDF file reopen at the last viewed position (page). A great trick for anyone reading PDF format ebooks. 

  2. How to Fix 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. (Fix High Disk Usage on Windows)


    If your computer is running quite slow and your disks are running at near 100% when you open the task manager, there are a few things you can try to fix this issue.

  3. How to Use Snapchat's In Built Shazam Function


    Learn how to use Shazam directly from within your Snapchat App. A quick and easy way to find out the name of any music you are listening. 

  4. How to use Snapchat's Group Messaging Function.


    A guide on where to find and how to use Snapchat Group Chat.

  5. How to Fix the Taskbar Showing in Full-Screen Mode When Watching Videos on Chrome.


    How to fix the annoying Google Chrome glitch that keeps the taskbar from being hidden when viewing videos in full-screen mode.

  6. How to Change Photoshop CS6 Language to English. (without reinstalling)


    If you are stuck with another Photoshop CS6 language other than English, this guide will show you how to change it to English without having to reinstall an entirely new copy.

  7. How to Add a Recycle Bin to Your Android Device.


    If you would like to add another level of protection against accidental file deletion on your Android device, this guide will show you a quick and easy way to add a recycle bin to your Android device.

  8. How to Request or Create Your Year in Review Video on Facebook #Yearinreview2016


    It’s the end of the year again and Facebook has released its year in review video. If you have seen them online but can’t figure out how to get yours. We’ll show you how. #yearinreview2016

  9. How to Use Facebook’s Search Function to Its Full Potential.


    If you are searching for people and things using Facebook’s search bar, you probably aren't using it to its full potential. This guide lists a few tips, tricks and functions you can use to improve your Facebook searches and stalking results.

  10. How to Add the Control Panel to the Windows Context Menu.


    If you find yourself constantly having to go to the Windows Control Panel there is an easy way to bring the option directly to the right-click menu.

  11. How to Customise Your Startup Programs on Windows.


    If you want to add or remove programs to your computer's startup list, follow closely as we show you a few quick ways to do so. 

  12. How to Use Google’s Trusted Contacts Application.


    A guide showing you how to setup and use Google’s Trusted Contacts Application. Share your location in an emergency or if you have been kidnapped allow others to view your current or last known location.

  13. How to Properly Wipe the Data From Your Android Device's Before Selling Them.


    A quick guide showing you how to prepare your Android device for sale or trade. This will guarantee your pictures and data don’t end up somewhere you really don’t want.

  14. How to Check if You Have Fallen Victim to the Gooligan Malware Campaign.


    A quick and important guide showing you how to check if your Android device has fallen victim to the Gooligan Malware campaign. 

  15. How to Quickly Convert Video File Formats into Other Formats Using VLC


    Learn how to convert all sorts of media file formats using VLC Media Player. An often overlooked conversion tool.

  16. How to Use Pokemon Go’s New Nearby Tracking Feature.


    A guide to using Pokemon Go’s newly updated and finally working "mostly" tracking feature to help catch those last few elusive monsters on your list.

  17. How to Log Into Windows 10 If You Have Forgotten or Lost Your Password.


    How to Log into Windows 10 if you have forgotten or lost your login details. This will also help those who have lost their administrator password and anyone using Windows 8, 8.1.

  18. How to Download Movies & TV Shows From Netflix. (Android, iOS & Windows)


    This short tutorial will show you how to download your favourite content from Netflix to view anywhere offline. A legit legal way to get Netflix content.

  19. How to Fix Windows 10 Airplane / Flight Mode Problems


    How to fix problems with aeroplane or flight mode getting stuck "on" stuck "off" and generally just not working the way it was designed to on Windows 10.

  20. How to Create a USB Flash Drive Installer For Windows 10.


    This tutorial will show you how to make a quick and easy USB drive installer for Windows 10 in case you have to reinstall or repair your operating system

  21. How to Disable Ads in Games and Applications Without Root on Android.


    A quick how-to guide on blocking those overly intrusive ads that make using your favourite Android apps and games almost unenjoyable.

  22. How to Enable the Hidden Administrator Account in Windows.


    Three simple methods for revealing the secret hidden administrator account on your Microsoft Windows Operating system.

  23. How to Use Yellow, the Tinder Like App For Snapchat and Instagram Users.


    How to use the App “Yellow” a new app allowing you to connect with Snapchat and Instagram users, using a Tinder-like system.. Connecting you to people locally or worldwide.

  24. How to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems on Windows 10.


    If you’re having problems connecting to your network or can not connect to the Internet, here are a few possible solutions you can try to fix the issue on your Windows 10 Machine. 

  25. How to Retrieve a Lost or Forgotten Wireless Network Password. (WiFi Password)


    Contrary to the usual email password, the Wi-Fi network password isn’t a string of characters that we use every day. Once you enter the password for your wireless network, there is no need to verify it each time you restart your computer. That is why it is quite easy to forget it. Fortunately, there's an easy-to-use method that will help you recover your password.

  26. How to Manually Update Your Amazon Kindle.


    How to manually update your Amazon Kindle if you don’t regularly check for updates or if you want the latest update before it’s rolled out in your region.

  27. How to Recover a Windows Product Key From a Damaged System or Hard Drive.


    A tutorial showing how to recover a Windows product key from a damaged system or hard drive if you have lost the number or if the sticker has worn away.

  28. How to Add Money to Your Steam Wallet in Random Amounts. $7.96 For Example.


    A quick guide showing methods to add money to your Steam account in values outside Valve’s $5 increments policy, using browser extensions or javascript. 

  29. How to Send Disappearing Photos Videos & Live Stream on Instagram


    A how-to guide for the disappearing photos, videos and live streaming component of Instagram, on iOS and Android devices alike. Snapchat will be consumed.

  30. How to Change VLC Media Player Skins.


    How to change the standard, boring, default skin on VideoLan's VLC media player.