1. How to Use More Than One WhatsApp Account At the Same Time on Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux.


    A short tutorial for WhatsApp users on Windows 10, Linux and MacOS who want to use multiple accounts at the same time. A quick and easy way to use your personal WhatsApp account alongside your work one or any other account you may need to use.

  2. How to Remove '' Malware From Google Chrome.


    A short tutorial showing you how to safely 'remove' malware from your Windows 10 or Ubuntu computer. An annoying malware variant that directs you to then Bing Search among other things.

  3. How to Create a Bootable USB Drive Containing Both Linux and Windows Operating Systems.


    If you no longer want to carry around multiple USB flash drives containing your operating systems, there are tools available that will allow you to create a multiboot drive. Multiboot flash drives allow you to install both Linux and Windows operating systems into one device. To find out how to create your own multiboot USB flash drive simply follow the steps in this guide. 

  4. How to Run Linux and Windows at the Same Time on Your Computer.


    Learn how to run any Linux  distribution  on your computer within Microsoft Windows. This lets you run Linux OS in a separate window, the same way programs, and games run. Allowing you to use and work with both operating systems at the same time. 

  5. What to Expect from Steam on Linux


    When Valve announced to the world that the Steam Linux client for its digital distribution service was in the works, everybody rejoiced. But what can we realistically expect from a Linux client launched so late in the game? There is no doubt that ...

  6. GNOME 3 Officially Released


    GNOME 3, the next evolution of the GNOME desktop environment, has just been released a few minutes ago. The GNOME developers have just announced today, April 6th, in a press release that the final and stable version of the popular GNOME 3 desktop ...

  7. The New Ubuntu 10.10 Installer Is Live


    Today we had the pleasure of playing a little with the new Ubuntu installer, present in the latest daily build of the upcoming Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) operating system, due for release in October 10th, 2010. The installer is completely ...