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How to backup/export YouTube playlists with links.

Learn how to backup and export your YouTube playlists with video links in an easy to view format. YouTube Playlists often go missing so this is a grea...

How to fix Spotify “Something went wrong - Try reloading the page” error.

Learn how to solve Spotify error “Something went wrong”. A common Spotify error that usually occurs when using the Windows app.

How to use a Private Session in Spotify.

Learn how to listen to Spotify in a Private Session a new way to listen to Spotify without your followers being able to see what you are listening to....

How to find missing playlists on YouTube. All playlists missing from YouTube fix.

Learn how to find all your missing playlists on YouTube. A quick and easy way to access all your playlists if you open YouTube and notice that everyth...

How to fix New Music and Postcast notifications on Spotify.

Learn how to enable the new Music and Podcast notification on Spotify. This change aims to fix the annoying problem that has plagued Spotify for years...

How to use Athenascope playlists as your ‘Be Right Back’ screen on Twitch or YouTube.

Learn how to use Anthenascope playlists as your Starting or BRB screen for your streams.

How to merge two Spotify Playlists. Blend Spotify Playlists.

Learn how to use Spotify’s new Blend Playlists feature to merge multiple playlists.

How to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music.

Learn how to move all your playlists from Spotify over to Apple Music.

How to set custom thumbnails for YouTube Playlists.

A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily set your own custom playlist thumbnails on YouTube. By default there isn’t an actual option to...

How to Transfer YouTube Playlists to Spotify.

YouTube music playlists are a great way to listen to free music from your home PC or WiFi connected mobile device. Unfortunately, if you want to take...