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Is Salesforce Facing Increased Competition from Other CRM Platforms? The Latest Industry Trends and Insights

The Current Landscape of the CRM Industry

How to fix the OneDrive Sync Pending error.

Learn how to solve the problem that is causing Microsoft OneDrive to have Sync Pending errors. A common OneDrive issue that causes sync to sometimes f...

How to fix OneDrive sign-in error 0x8004de69 on Windows 11.

Learn how to fix OneDrive sign-in error: There was a problem signing you in. Please try again in a few minutes. (Error Code: 0x8004de69) on Windows 11...

How to fix Unable to move shortcut error in OneDrive.

Learn how to fix OneDrive unable to move shortcut error. “Unable to move shortcut – We’re currently unable to move shortcuts and moved the shortcut ba...

How to fix OneDrive error 0x8007016a on Windows 11.

Learn how to fix OneDrive error 0x8007016a on Windows 11. A common OneDrive error caused by a conflict in the on-demand feature.

How to create your own cloud storage with an old Android phone.

Learn how to set up and use Resilio Sync to live share and sync any kind of content between Android and Windows.

How to disable On this day notifications from OneDrive.

Learn how to turn off “On this day” notifications from OneDrive on Windows 10.

How to fix OneDrive cloud sync error 0x8007017F.

A short tutorial showing you how to fix OneDrive cloud sync error: 0x8007017F: The cloud sync engine failed to validate the downloaded data. A OneDriv...

How to Use Dropbox Transfer to Transfer Up to 100Gb of Data.

A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily transfer up to 100Gb of data (pictures, videos, files, etc) using Dropbox’s brand new transfer...

Let’s Discuss Complex Things With Simple Words. What is IaaS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

A quick introduction to several different cloud service types. SaaS — Software-as-a-Service, PaaS — Platform-as-a-Service, and IaaS — Infrastructure-a...

How to Download Steam Cloud Saves. (Get Game Saves From Steam Cloud)

A short tutorial showing you how to download your saved game states from Steam Cloud to your computer. Download all of your Steam Cloud saves to your...

The Reason For Slow Steam Cloud Sync and How to Fix it.

Why Steam cloud sync can be very, very slow to complete, and how you can speed it up when exiting the client. ✅

SelfCloud: create your own cloud service on PC, Mac, Android Or iOS

Although online cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSyncare are extremely useful tools and quite reliable...