1. How to Fix ‘Didn’t Detect Another Display’ Error on Windows 10.


    Generally setting up additional screens on Windows is as simple as plug and play, however, you may occasionally receive error ‘didn’t detect another display’. If you are seeing this message, this guide will show you several steps you can take fix the issue.

  2. How to Batch Convert Multiple Colour Codes. HEX to RGB - RGB to HEX.


    There are two main colour codes in common circulation, HEX and RGB  (red, green blue).  Even if you aren’t familiar with them, you’ve probably stumbled across them at some stage, on the Internet, while using a program or possibly even colour calibrating a screen. If you are trying to find an easy way to convert between these two codes in bulk, this guide has the answers you’re looking for.

  3. How to Create Your Own Custom Desktop Computer Stat Screen.


    If you are someone who likes to monitor the statistical information of your computer, in real time, using programs like MSI Afterburner, NZXT CAM, Rainmeter etc. information such as temps, resource consumption, fan speed and so on. This guide will show you how to easily create your own separate screen for constant live stat monitoring, even when you are in game or hard at work.

  4. How to Lock your Mouse to a Specific Screen When Using a Multi-Monitor Setup.


    A guide for multi-monitor setup users who would like to confine their mouse to a particular screen when gaming or performing other screen-specific tasks.

  5. How to Get More Accurate Monitor Colors using Custom Color Profiles. (Windows & macOS)


    A guide showing you where to find and how to install custom color profiles for your Windows or macOS PC. Custom color profiles allow you to personally manage exactly how your monitor and computer displays colors. You can even download presets for your particular monitor, that has already been perfected by the community. 

  6. 27-Inch LCD Monitor with 2560 x 1440 Resolution Released by EIZO


    The arrival of the ColorEdge CG276 monitor makes it seem as though EIZO was waiting for some sort of cue before completely ignoring the Full HD image quality standard. Linux' creator, Linus Torvalds, opened the month (November 2013), by ...