1. How to Compress an Image's File Size Dramatically and Still Maintain Quality.


    A tutorial showing you how to Compress all kinds of Image files whilst still maintaining a high level of quality. Space saving is the main reason to shrink image files, but there are other great benefits to using highly compressed images with exceptional quality.

  2. How to Save your Instagram Live Streams to your Camera Roll.


    Live video streaming has become quite popular recently with most social media apps incorporating the feature into their services. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram all have their own version of live streaming content. However, what happens to this content after the stream has finished differs between services. If you are an Instagram user and would like to find out how to save live videos after a stream, this guide will show you how.  

  3. How to start shooting RAW on Android devices and Why it can be much more Powerful.


    This tutorial explains how to shoot in Camera .raw format on your android smartphone or tablet, and why it is such a powerful file format to use. Camera .raw files are the go to photographic file used by top professionals and weekend hobbyists alike.