1. How to Stop the Photos App on Windows 10 Opening When Connecting Your Phone.


    A short tutorial showing you how to prevent the Windows 10 Photos App opening automatically whenever you connect a phone to your computer. A feature that may potentially be super annoying for your current Windows 10 use requirements. 

  2. How to Fix iPhone Stuck on White Screen. (iPhone White Screen of Death)


    Even though iPhones are well known for being problem and bug free, even the best devices suffer malfunctions from time to time. The specific issue this guide will be addressing is the iPhone white screen of death, aka iPhone stuck on a blank white screen.

  3. How to Hide the iPhone X Screen Notch.


    If you have recently splurged and purchased a new iPhone X, you are probably quite smitten. As amazingly sleek, fast and functional as it is though, there is one pesky little change people are either loving or hating and that’s the curvy little notch at the top of the screen. Thankfully, if you’d like it gone, there is a way to remove it and restore a nice clean rectangular look.  

  4. How to Prevent Screen Burn-in On iPhone X.


    The iPhone X was recently released, boasting an impressive compilation of hardware. Unfortunately one of the biggest draws of the iPhone X, its OLED screen, has one massive flaw! Screen burn-in. If you have recently purchased an iPhone X and want to minimise the risk of screen burn-in, this guide will show you some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk.  

  5. How to Put a Password on Notes on iOS 11.


    If you like to use the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad to jot down all sorts of information. This guide will show you how to enable password protection for any notes you have saved in the app, on any device currently running iOS 11.

  6. How to Fix iOS 11 Increased Battery Usage.


    If you have recently upgraded to iOS 11 and have noticed a massive spike in battery usage, you are not alone. Almost all iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 11 have noticed poor battery performance, even on newer devices such as the iPhone 7. Thankfully, the battery drain problem on iOS 11 is easily fixed with some simple settings changes.

  7. How to Hide the Red Notification Numbers for Specific Apps on iOS 11.


    For the neat freaks and obsessives out there, having a clean, tidy, uncluttered workspace is super important. So much so that even a notification stack on your email or Snapchat icon can sometimes trigger feelings of untidiness. Thankfully, on iOS, there is a way to remove the red notification number associated with notifications or emails that haven’t yet been actioned.

  8. How to Enable and Disable Low Power Mode on iOS 11.


    As with most other smart devices on the market today, Apple iPhones come with a power saving mode called Low Power Mode. Traditionally this special power saving mode enables itself when you device reaches 20% remaining charge. If you’d like to make some changes to the way low power mode works on your device this article will guide you through the process.

  9. How to Hide the App Icons at the Bottom of iMessage on iOS 11.


    Introduced in iOS 11 in the name of convenience, the newly added icon row at the bottom of the iMessage window is something you are either going to love or hate. The new icons are supposed to allow you to more easily access apps, however, if you don’t use any of the items on the list or find it an eyesore this guide will show you how to quickly and easily remove them.

  10. How to Save Audio iMessages By Default on iPhone. (or save them to Memos)


    A guide showing you how to set your iPhone to save audio iMessages to your device or memos by default.

  11. Bypassing Security Lock in iOS 6.1: Another Bug in the Newest Release


    Another bug in the newest release of iOS turns out to be potentially very dangerous for iPhone owners; Apple promises to fix the problems as soon as it's possible.

  12. Google to pay $1 billion to remain the default search engine for iOS?


    As Google gets intimidated by Microsoft's Bing, will the company pay $1 to remain the default search engine in iOS.

  13. This iPhone is on Fire


    There would be nothing unusual about the newest update that was released by Apple in late January. The actualization, dedicated to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch was to be just another way of implementing small changes. But for the things going nasty, there would be no article.

  14. iPhone 5 Leaks Out of Foxconn Plant


    It was only a matter of time before someone got their mitts on a fully assembled iPhone 5, right out of a Foxconn production plant. The unit featured in the footage below is a working one, pre-installed with iOS 6. A tipster talking to Chinese ...

  15. Apple’s iPhone 5 Display Will Be the Best in the Industry, Experts Say


    Experts in mobile technology agree that if Apple does equip its next-generation iPhone with a 1136 x 640 Retina display, it will be “the number one 4-inch phone in terms of panel specifications in the market.” Reportedly capped at 4 ...

  16. iPhone 5 Display Revealed


    We’ve seen all kinds of part leaks but none of them showed the iPhone 5’s actual display. So far, that is. Repair shop UBreakiFix has obtained photos of the full front panel coupled with the LCD display of the next-generation ...

  17. Test-Drive Windows Phone 7 on Your iPhone


    If you’re curious what the Microsoft camp has to offer for its mobile users, but you’re unwilling to relinquish your Apple religion to do so, check out this handy Windows Phone Demo app on your Safari web browser. You’d think ...

  18. Apple Launches iWork for iPhone and iPod touch


    The proprietary office suite from Apple, iWork is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch, in addition to the iPad. Apple’s announcement suggests that Keynote, Pages, and Numbers behave best on devices with Retina displays. Shortly after ...

  19. iPhone 5 In Spring 2012, iPhone 4S Next In Line with A5, 8MP Camera - Report


    A source with a mixed track record of predicting Apple product launches and announcements has gone on record to claim that the Cupertino, California tech giant is set to debut an iPhone 4S with an ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and an 8 megapixel ...

  20. 64GB iPhone 4 prototype leaked


    A gadget blog is claiming to have obtained and tested a 64GB iPhone 4 engineering prototype direct from the Foxconn factory. "The owner of this engineered prototype told us that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of these prototypes. ...

  21. Apple's Q1 2011 results; 16M iPhones, 19M iPods, 7M iPads sold


    Today Apple posted their first quarter results for 2011 ending December 25, 2010, with some impressive numbers. The company announced it had a strong first quarter, posting a company record of $26.74 billion and a record net quarterly profit of $6 ...

  22. iPod touch Battery Drain Nightmare Continues with iOS 4.2.1


    iPod touch owners continue to report battery drain issues even after applying every single software update released by Apple since the iOS 4 debuted this summer. Currently at their third attempt to get the iPod touch in good working state, users ...