1. How to Get Notifications You’ve Swiped Away Back on Android.


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily restore notifications on Android if you have accidentally swiped them away in haste and now can’t find the source of the prompt. 

  2. How to Record With Both (Front & Back) Cameras at the Same Time on Android.


    A short tutorial showing you how to record using both cameras at the same time on Android devices. A handy way to utilise both of your phone's cameras at the same time to record content in two totally different directions. 

  3. How to Hide Your Phone Number on Telegram After the Update.


    A short tutorial showing you how to make the phone number that is linked to your Telegram account private once again. After Telegrams latest update all hidden numbers were switched over to public/contacts display. 

  4. How to Create Custom Bum Bags and Phone Cases Without Leaving Your Home.


    A short tutorial showing you how to take your own custom designs and artwork and turn them into useful real-world products like custom bum bags or phone cases. A super easy way to market your business or simply create gifts for friends and family without leaving your home.

  5. How to Root Android Devices & Remove Carrier Locks the Easy Way.


    A short tutorial showing how to root just about any Android device using one of the most simple Android rooting processes on the Internet. If you have rooted a phone in the past, you know how time-consuming it can be, so follow along as we introduce you to a brand new method. As well as rooting Android devices, this guide will also show you how to unlock your phone if it is locked to a specific carrier. 

  6. How to Get VLC Media Player on Huawei Phones After the Ban.


    A short tutorial showing you how to get VLC Media Player on any Huawei mobile device after VLC removed Play Store downloads for almost all Huawei devices.

  7. How to Measure Distances Using Your Android Camera.


    A tutorial showing you how to measure distances using your Android smartphone’s camera in combination with some free apps available on the play store.

  8. How to Track and Monitor Your Mobile Data Usage. (The 4 Best Apps)


    With mobile data prices being far more expensive than standard Internet plans and mobile apps become more and more data hungry, it’s become a necessity to keep track of daily, weekly and monthly data usage. Although all phones come with data monitoring settings, most are far from easy to use and don’t always offer user-friendly experiences. So if you are looking for an alternative app, that's easy to use, check out 4 of our top recommended apps.

  9. How to Set Separate Sound Profiles For Calls and Notifications on Android. (Silent Notifications, Full Volume Calls)


    There’s no doubt that at some stage, we’ve all missed an important phone call whilst our phones were on silent, hiding a barrage of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp notifications. If you are looking for a solution to this, that will allow you to set different volumes for apps and phone calls you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you a simple way to set app notifications to silent whilst leaving calls at full volume.

  10. How to Remotely Control One Smartphone From Another. (Android & IOS)


    Learn how to remotely control any Android, iOS or Windows device from another. (Smartphones, tablets, and computers) 

  11. How to Stop Android Devices Geotagging Photos with Location Coordinates.


    We recently wrote an article detailing the steps required to remove Metadata from photos. Information such as your name, copyright information, location etc. After receiving plenty questions asking how to prevent certain data being saved to images, we have decided to do a follow-up article showing you how to stop your Android Phone/Tablet automatically Geotagging your pictures with the Location they were taken.

  12. How to Check if Facebook and Facebook Messenger Will Work on Older Model Androids.


    At the end of March  2017  Facebook scheduled the end of support for certain versions of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, meaning some Android devices will no longer have to access both Facebook apps. If you aren't sure if your device is affected, this article will give you all the information you need.

  13. How to Prevent and Remove Viruses and Malware on Android Devices.


    In the scheme of things, Android viruses aren’t all that common, although they do exist and can cause plenty of heartache. Apps that are download loaded from the official Google Play Store are screened vigorously before they are approved and uploaded to the Store, making it a super safe place to get apps. But! The Play Store isn’t the only place you can download apps, so you should know how to minimize your risk of being infected and how to respond if you have been infected by an Android Virus.

  14. How to Install APK Files on Any Android Device. (Smartphones & Tablets)


    A tutorial showing how to install APK apps on your Android phone or tablet. This will be helpful if you wish to install apps not yet available on Google Play in your region. This method will work on any Android devices, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, ect.  

  15. How to Find Your Android Phone or Tablet if it Has Been Stolen or Lost


    If you have recently had your smartphone or tablet stolen, or just simply misplaced it somewhere in your apartment, don't worry! Getting back your stolen device or wiping the data from it using your Google account is very straightforward. Google has cleverly developed some simple steps that you can follow to locate your device, using location services, and the Google device manager.