1. How to Block Artists or Songs on Spotify.


    A short tutorial showing you how to block songs and artists on Spotify. A handy way to make sure songs and artists you don’t like stop appearing in pre-generated playlists and playlists that are prepared by other users on the service. If you aren’t using this feature already, it’s something you’ll find yourself really appreciating. 

  2. How to Block Ads in the Spotify App. (Adblock Spotify App)


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily block all ads playing in the Spotify app. Two different and easy options to block all advertising played before, after, and during song playlists and playback on Spotify.

  3. How to Transfer Music Playlists From Other Services to Spotify.


    A short tutorial showing you how to migrate playlists from other services to Spotify. Move your Amazon Music playlist to Spotify or visa versa. A quick and easy way to migrate all your favourite music playlists to a new platform, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Google Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, KKbox, Last-fm, and Napster.

  4. How to Use a Spotify Playlist as Your Alarm on Android.


    A short tutorial showing you how to set a Spotify playlist or album as your alarm on any Android smartphone or tablet. An easy way to get a unique alarm that will hopefully wake you up with a little more zest.

  5. How to Transfer YouTube Playlists to Spotify.


    YouTube music playlists are a great way to listen to free music from your home PC or WiFi connected mobile device. Unfortunately, if you want to take these playlists on the road, data usage from YouTube video playback can quickly eat through your mobile data plan. If you happen to have a Spotify account, there’s an easy way to quickly and easily convert/transfer your YouTube playlist to Spotify.

  6. 8 annoying programs and services we just have to use nowadays


    Modern Internet isn't really as friendly and open as it may seem to some users. Actually it turns out to be not the land of plenty, but the land of plenty... quasi-monopoles. Each and every branch has its leader that wants to reign. Facebook for social networking, Skype for communicating... but what should you do if you don't like these?

  7. Spotify yourself: 5 more ways to use the service


    Some time ago I've fallen in love with Spotify since I could finally listen to so many songs I were not able to find anywhere else. However, there's more than just the music to it. What else can be done using Spotify?

  8. Google Music - sooner or later?


    Will Google try to rival other streaming services? While demand for online music is steadily increasing, there is already a substantial number of the websites that offer listening without downloading.

  9. Spotify offering free mobile streaming service in the near future?


    According to the report from The Verge, Spotify, streaming music service, is reportedly in negotiations to boost the amount of music it offers for free streaming to smartphones and tablets.