1. How to Restore the Old Firefox Address Bar? Remove Firefox Awesome Bar.


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily restore the Firefox address bar back to its normal thin state, including all information like http:// and https:// details. Shrink the Firefox address bar back to its previous size and state. 

  2. How to Select Multiple Tabs in Firefox.


    A short tutorial showing you how to select multiple tabs in Firefox. The quickest and easiest way to close, move or mute several tabs at a time in Firefox.  

  3. How to Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For Firefox to Protect Your Saved Passwords.


    A tutorial showing you how to enable Firefox’s new 2FA protection for saved/remembered passwords. A very important security measure to take advantage of to keep your login details safe and secure.

  4. How to Solve Basic and Complex Maths Problems Using the Firefox Address Bar.


    You may or may not already know this but most internet browsers available today allow you to solve basic maths problems and equations simply by typing them into the address bar. This is a super useful tool for quick calculations on the fly, but it doesn’t help much for the more complicated problems you may need to solve quickly. If you are a Firefox user, you now have an option that allows you to solve far more complex equations, find out how here.

  5. Firefox OS gathers its allies; the official debut in the fall


    As Mozilla's browser-based technology was presented at the mobile World Congress show, the non-profit company has won a considerable list of allies whose phones are to be run on Firefox OS. What more can be said about the newest child of this firm?

  6. Yes We Can: Mozilla and Google on WebRTC development


    Based on HTML5 language, a new technology allows its users to conduct voice and video chat directly from their browsers. Chrome's and Firefox's programmers proved that they can work together effectively.

  7. Firefox 19 Beta for PC and Android Phone


    Coming with its own build-in PDF reader and a brand new version for Android, Mozilla Firefox 19 beta has just launched.

  8. Mozilla exits iOS as it retires Firefox Home


    Two years after it managed to place a browser-related app on the iOS App Store, Mozilla last week announced it was retiring Firefox Home and yanked it from Apple's market. The move was only the latest in a string of messages that the open-source ...

  9. Firefox Will Look and Feel the Same on PCs, Phones and Tablets


    Firefox isn't exactly suffering in the looks department. The UI is simple and minimalistic but practical. It may not always be pretty, but it works. Mozilla is working on a major revamp though, it's been doing it for months. On the desktop, it's ...

  10. Mozilla: Killing Firefox 3.5 a Priority


    Mozilla is making the death of Firefox 3.5 a priority, and this should not be a real surprise, considering the last update to the open source browser released at the end of April 2011. Version 3.5.19 released last month is the last update that ...

  11. Firefox Downloads Hit 10,200 Per Minute, 15,85 Million in the First 48 Hours


    Now that things are settling down following the Firefox 4 launch, Mozilla is providing some stats and info highlighting the first two days after the browser became available. Firefox 4 racked up 15.85 million downloads in that time frame, with the ...

  12. Firefox 4 downloads top 7 million in 24 hours


    A year-long development cycle apparently wasn't enough to sour users on Firefox 4, with Mozilla's browser downloaded more than seven million times in the first 24 hours after its release on March 22. In a blog post spotted by Engadget, Mozilla ...

  13. Mozilla announces Firefox 4 Release Candidate


    After 12 betas (13 if you used the nightly builds), Mozilla have finally signed off Firefox 4 as a Release Candidate and made it available for download. In a posting on the Mozilla blog they announced that; Mozilla Firefox 4 for Windows, ...

  14. Firefox 5 only months after Firefox 4 release


    According to a posting over at Softpedia, it seems Mozilla is going to speed up the pace of Firefox major versions akin to that of Google Chrome, which is currently on developer version 10.x since it became widely available in September ...

  15. Firefox 4 final release targeted for next month


    Damon Sicore, Mozilla's Director of Platform Engineering, told developers via a mailing list (which you can read here) that the final version of Firefox 4 should be ready to ship by the end of February, but not before another beta and a release ...

  16. Firefox gets its spot in Guinness


    Last month Mozilla set the world download record and it has already found its place in The Guinness Book of Records. On Download Day, Firefox 3 was downloaded 8,002,530 times in just 24 hours. This works out to 92 downloads per second, and ...

  17. Newest Firefox Beta has Critical Flaws, Mozilla Admits


    Mozilla has identified 10 high-priority bugs in Firefox 3.0, three of them pegged "critical," but won't decide until next week whether to release the browser anyway or restart the final stretch by issuing a second release candidate (RC2). "We ...

  18. Mozilla considers tracking Firefox browsing habits


    The Mozilla Foundation, the organisation behind the Firefox web browser, is considering tracking its users’ browsing habits on a voluntary basis. Last week, Mozilla’s CEO John Lilly revealed that the organisation was working on a ...